About us

C theatre seeks to present the very best independent, new and dynamic work. We are the in-house creative company at C ARTS and C venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We work to bring leading theatre and performance companies, artists, and shows from around the world to the Edinburgh Fringe. We are the creators of Fringe favourite Shakespeare for Breakfast, and theatre productions for all ages and stages.

Our aims and our purpose are cultural and educational. We seek to create a platform on which to showcase the best artistic and creative work at the Festival Fringe. At the heart of what we aim to achieve is to create an environment where creative work can flourish, where people can learn from each other and develop their skills and mutual understanding, where diversity is celebrated, where participants and audiences are enriched culturally, and where participation is accessible and inclusive for all.

As an organisation we strive to create the best, brightest and most challenging independent performance, visual and literary work. From interactive children’s shows to late night cabarets, we produce something for everyone. Beyond our shows, we have a thriving events team that puts together a eclectic mix of parties, press events, one-off performances, film and art installations. Our season is a central part of one of the key international programmes on the Fringe, encompassing drama, musicals, music, dance, comedy, cabaret, circus, visual and performance art.

We produce our own creative work, partner with companies bringing work to the Fringe, and enable work to tour worldwide. Our signature show, Shakespeare for Breakfast, has seen brand new editions at Edinburgh annually since 1992. We also bring international productions to Edinburgh, and produce new creative work in Edinburgh and further afield. C theatre’s productions have transferred and toured to London, North America, Poland and Singapore.

The nature of our project dictates that our income is not guaranteed. We operate without major sponsorship. We take a financial cost on projects with artistic merit. We seek to keep ticket prices affordable for audiences, and the costs of participation reasonable for companies and artists. Any surplus from our operation is invested into supporting our cultural and educational aims.

C is and always has been a volunteer-focussed organisation. We operate our volunteer programme in line with guidance from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, Volunteer Scotland and Volunteer Edinburgh. We are working with Volunteer Edinburgh to ensure that our volunteer programme offers the best possible opportunities and potential outcomes to our volunteers.

We support and participate in strategies to promote good practice including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society’s Venue Best Practice Code, Company Code of Conduct, Best Practice Guides for engaging volunteers and workers, and the Scottish Green Arts Initiative.

If you are interested in joining our Festival team, please see the information available here.

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C theatre limited registered in England no 5168117 | Part of C artium, established for the arts